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My New Training Partners

My New Training Partners!

ASICS Gel Nimbus 11

Having started with the Nimbus 9, I continue to be a big fan of the Nimbus series. I love the cushioning on these shoes and although they are a bit on the heavy side, I am confident that I am getting the best protection for my feet and knees. . While I use these for my road runs specially the long ones, I use a different pair of shoes for racing which are lighter.

So now I’m off to try them on. See you on the road!

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Run Radio Season Finale

It wasn’t the best episode of the whole season but it certainly was one of the most fun with Hec Yuzon and Nike 5k Challenger, Patrick Echevarria on board with Jaymie and myself.

Run Radio the first ever running talk show on radio went through 12 episodes from July 24, 2009 until October 23, 2009 faster than a 5k.  It was an amazing season with my co-hosts Jaymie and Bards. It was truly educational with all resident nutritionist Dr. George Bodegon and shoe guru Hec Yuzon. It was inspirational with our featured guests Jocelyn Saw, Arland Macasieb, Sen. Pia Cayetano, the Bald Runner and many more! Finally who can forget the journey of our 5k challenger, Patrick Echevarria, who trained for his first 5k during the 3 months of season 1.

All of it was achieved through the vision and efforts of our boss, Marga Deona who produced, directed, wrote and marketed the whole thing by her lonesome ( with the support of Vimz of course!). I can only thank her (and Vimz) for the wonderful opportunity they gave me to talk on and on about my love for running.

Next season should be more interesting with fresh ideas and new guests. Hopefully, the program continues to educate and entertain new and old runners alike.

See you guys next season!


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Time is Running Press Briefing

Time is Running : The 2009 Timex Run

Marga sent me a message Monday night asking me to join them for the press briefing on the Time Is Running :The 2009 Timex Run with Piolo Pascual. Am not quite sure why I agreed since I knew only the girls would be thrilled to be there.

Piolo Pascual and Coach Rio Strike a Pose

Maybe it was the Max fried chicken meal which I had not had in a while with buko pandan for dessert. Maybe it was the shirt that proudly declares I’m running with Piolo (not!) Maybe I wanted to find out why the race fee was quite high (now I know why!). Maybe it was because of this…

Am Embarrassed Here...

For whatever reasons, it was a fun briefing and hopefully, it will be an even more fun run.

See you at the Timex Run!

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Racing ABC’s

During one of Run Radio’s episodes, I asked our guest Sen. Pia Cayetano what she thought about runners who make her a race target in the hopes of “beating” her and she answered that unless it’s an A race she does not go all-out which makes their “victory” hollow. I couldn’t help but agree with her as I had categorized races myself.

What is my A race? My A races are races that I prepare for in advance so that when I get to the starting line I am at the peak of my physical abilities. It usually requires months of training and careful planning and during the race itself, I exert no less than a 100% effort to achieve a victory or a personal best. These are normally races which are announced months ahead to give me time to train. Examples of these would be the Adidas King of the Road, the Milo Marathon, the Bataan 102 Km Death March, and even the Condura Run.

Are there B and C races?

My B races are tune up races which help me gauge my fitness level as a runner. They are usually distances which are shorter than the A race. I join these races as a break from the monotony of the training cycle and to find out if my training has helped me improve in different aspects of my running.

My C races are races that I join for training and socialization. I use these races to experiment running at different speeds, to study the race terrain, to try new apparel, shoes, hydration and fueling techniques. I also take them as an opportunity to get together with friends, new and old, before, during, and after the race.

With the running boom in full swing, there are so many races to choose from and whether they are A, B, or C races the important thing is to enjoy the run!

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A Long Way to Go

With only a 5 km easy run at the Nike run clinic in Bonifacio High Street last Tuesday and no runs the previous week, I was itching to run and while I lacked training I more than made up for it with enthusiasm  and ran-walked 37 Km of the first ever Quezon City International Marathon. I had earlier registered to run the 42 Km race even as I planned to join the Milo Marathon Finals the week before but even my best laid plans were for naught as I stopped training altogether and failed to join Milo.The night before, I was actually contemplating just running the half-marathon but I really wanted to run inside the La Mesa dam complex even if it meant walking or worse, taking a cab on Commonwealth Avenue to get back to Quezon City Hall.

Excited for the first time in a long time, I managed to wake up at 3 a.m. and arrive at the staging area of the race with time to spare. The pre-race atmosphere was festive and lively as everyone rushed to complete their final preparations for the event. I saw old friends who were running the same race and wondered who I would pace with among them. I had no expectations. I only wanted to enjoy the run and to experience everything the race would offer.

When the gun went off, I found myself with Jaymie and Atty. Raymund. Jaymie was doing a 32 Km long run in preparation for her debut marathon race in Singapore and Atty. Raymund was celebrating his birthday by running his first marathon as well. It was fun catching up with them (both literally and figuratively) as we passed the UP Campus, Commonwealth Avenue, and Batasan Road. It was quiet in UP as it was still before sunrise, but even after the sun rose as we made our way up QC’s busy thoroughfares, the sky was hazy and the weather remained cool which was perfect for running marathons.

I remember reading somwhere that the objective of the QCIM was to showcase Quezon City as the Asian City of the Future. At one pont, I could not help but think how bleak that future was as we passed the Commonwealth Market. On one side was the chaos of the Sunday morning wet market with the accompanying sights of fresh meat hanging from hooks and smells of rotting refuse and on the other the anarchy caused by all manner of vehicles stuck in traffic and looking for ways to escape the gridlock. We would hear the constant complaints of motorists again on the way back.

Confusion turned to calm when we turned into the roads leading to the La Mesa Eco Park. Inside the park, it was a whole new world as entered the 2,700 hectare forest and reserve. The park itself is only 33 hectares but it instilled an appreciation, no!  a reverence for the beauty of nature itself and the environment around us. We savored each moment as if we had travelled to a faraway land before our return journey. Here, we made our first pit stop as Jaymie and Atty. Raymund made a bathroom break. After that, we agreed that we would walk the uphill portions to conserve energy and prevent possible injuries.

As we exited the gates of the complex, we ended up on a major highway and I was taken aback at  how close the real world was to the doors of the Park. It was a struggle to get back  to Commonwealth. Jaymie and I kept as close to the sidewalks as possible to avoid the buses speeding from behind us. There were no water stations allowed inside the La Mesa complex and the water stations just outside had run out of water. As a result of my poor physical condition, I was beginning to tire and worse, I was getting hungry. If not for Ben Chan who offered us Gatorade and bottled water, I may have stopped right there. Atty. Raymund had dropped back and Jaymie and I continued to run-walk.

I counted the number of bakeshops and convenience stores I passed wondering whether I should stop to get something to eat lest it be the last one along the way. Finally, I gave in and told Jaymie to go ahead while I got something to eat at the Ministop beside the St. Peter’s church. While eating, I considered commuting the rest of the way back but seeing the traffic jam outside and Atty. Raymund heading my way made me decide to continue with the race.

I managed to make it to Philcoa before I decided to drop out and make my way to where my car was parked. It was getting late and unfortunately I needed to be somewhere soon. From my car, I could not hear the sounds of the festivities at the finish line but I did not want to venture closer as I had accomplished what I had set out to do from the start anyway which was to start running again.

Kilometer 35 And Looking Strong ( Thanks to Atty. Raymund For The Photo)

Thank you to Jaymie, Atty, Raymund, Ben Chan, and all those who I saw along the way who made the journey a happy and memorable one.

Congratulations to Finshline, Runnex, and the Quezon City Government for the inaugural staging of this event which while far from perfect can only get better thru the years.

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Rebalancing Act

I have been away from this blog for some time now.

I can partially attribute to that to a busy schedule at work and at home which took time away from running and blogging. After Milo, I thought I could juggle my schedule around my training only to realize that with all 3 kids going to school now and new responsibilities at work required a change in paradigm. Needless to say, there was also plenty to celebrate about in the other aspects of my life.

I can also blame my old PC which which I finally gave up on last week. It started dying on me 3 months ago and I thought a virus was the culprit. I scanned it, cleaned it and when that failed re-installed my OS to no avail. I sent it to the shop for repairs and they told me the problem was with my video card. After having it replaced, I was able to use it problem free for a few days before it went dead again. Finally, I decided to replace the whole thing and begin anew.

Of course, I can also reason out that  I have written so little because I have not been running as much as well. I may have lost some of the focus I had when I was training. I still run but not as hard and as long or even as often as I did before Milo and my desire to post waxes and wanes with the intensity of my desire to run as well it seems.

In terms of fitness, I am certain I have lost a step but in terms of quality of life, I think I have managed to take care of all the other small things that have been waiting for my attention which brings me back to running and blogging.

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Run Radio Episode 4 : The Truth

In this episode, Doctor George Bodegon, Run Radio’s resident nutritionist dispels the notion that runners can eat whatever they please simply because they are running. I knew my regimen didn’t give me the license to eat but to have my 10 Km run’s efforts erased by a Big Mac? It was quite troubling and I needed an SBC Javanilla Shake to mull it over after.

Listen to Doc George explain further and find out what makes kid wonder, Anton Cabalza tick here.

Me, Jaymie, Doc George, and Anton

Me, Jaymie, Doc George, and Anton

Oops! Forgot the Boss in the Photo! Here She Is With Anton, Jaymie and Me

Oops! Forgot the Boss in the Photo! Here She Is With Anton, Jaymie and Me

 Thanks again to Joaquin for the photos! You are getting better with each episode.

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Will Tying the Knot Make You Run Faster?

I guess we will have to ask Dennis and Per one of these days.

Standing In Between the Happy Couple

Per, The Beautiful Bride, Me, and Dennis, The Dashing Groom as They Made Their Rounds Among the Guests

 It certainly made Mr. and Mrs.  Running Fatboy a stunning couple!

Congratulations guys! I am truly happy for both of you!

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Always Smile At the Finish!

At the stoplight on the corner of 5th and 26th Avenues, I watched in my car as a sea of runners turned into right into the street heading towards Lawton. “Damn, I’m late! Those must be the 5Km runners,” I thought to myself. I panicked, got out of the car, and told the driver to just look for me at the event site after. I hurriedly walked, jogged, then ran towards the race staging area behind the NBC tent. I needed to cross over the mat at the starting line  to activate my timing chip before I could run the course. Otherwise, it’s like I didn’t join my first night race and Dennis‘ last run run as a bachelor at all!

A month earlier, Kenny Rogers sponsored a dinner to introduce the Open Urbanite Run. That same night, my building was on fire and I missed out on that briefing even though it was only a stone’s throw away from the house. Thus, I had no idea what made this race special or what people were getting excited about and I was quite ambivalent about it. However, I was sure my friends  would be joining and that they would ask me to come along as well. True enough, I received an e-mail from Dennis inviting me to run with him the night before his wedding to Per. I originally signed up for the 15Km race thinking I would just pace beside him while discussing the pros and cons of marriage during our 1 hour and 30 minutes together, but a few days after I had already been registered, my mother reminded me of a formal dinner party I needed to attend with her which I had said yes to almost a year before already.

The party would be at the Rockwell tent and would start at 7 p.m while the 15 km race would be at the Fort and would start at 8 p.m. which meant I wouldn’t be able to run the 15 Km race unless I could be in 2 places at the same time. After a quick check of the starting times for the other 2 distances, I conc;uded that I could fulfill my obligation to my mom at 7 p.m., leave at 8:30 p.m., and  run the 5 Km race at 9 p.m.  I would just have to get someone to drive me over while I got dressed in the car which is exactly what happened. Except for a few glitches, I had a few minutes to spare when I saw the mob of runners as we waited at the stoplight.

I arrived at the starting line to find that the 5 Km runners had not been released yet and that the ones I saw earlier were the 10 Km runners who had been let out a little later than scheduled. I hadn’t run a 5 Km race in almost 3 years and I couldn’t imagine running all out now specially since I hdn’t been training as regularly as I wanted to. I tried to look for Jaymie and Jun C who were both running the 5 Km race as well but at a relaxed pace but I was stuck at the front of the pack and I ended up bumping into Vener. I was hoping he was doing an easy run tonight but when he said that he would be running something between easy and all-out, I knew he would be closer to all-out than easy. When the starting gun went off, I was still undecided about my pace and I was hoping to see a familiar face on an easy pace. Instead, I got Mark Parco who is as fast as a runner as I could get. He mentioned something about his pace but I knew I was already caught in his slipstream.

I did my best to keep up with him but as the pictures taken at the finish line would attest, I was huffing and puffing my way. Although if I had known that there were cameras there I would have done my best to put up a smile!




I clocked in at 23 minutes and 2 seconds chip time. At the finish line, I went about to look for my friends and to hang out. Unlike the morning races where the rising sun makes me want to leave already, I really enjoyed hanging out and savoring the party atmosphere. It’s too bad I wasn’t able to enjoy a few beers with Dennis, Janine, and Benny although I did have a shot of vodka before leaving. Despite the panicky start and so-so finish, this is one race where I really enojyed myself.

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Run Radio Episode 3 : Beautiful Day

For the third offering of Run Radio, we were going to play all U2 songs. I don’t listen to music when I run but whenever I hear U2’s Where the Streets Have No Name I can imagine bringing my Ipod with me and putting on a pair of earphones.

This episode was delayed by a week when the transformer of the building of NU 107 suffered a problem, but when we went on air this time, it was smooth sailing. We talked about the upcoming Kenny Rogers Urbanite Run, the Botak Streemile Challenge with Ian Alacar, the UTMB race with Pinoy Ultrarunner Jocelyn Saw, as well as the regular update from our 5-K Nike Challenger Patrick Echevarria.

It was a beautiful day and getting better!

Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen Jr. of U2 Having a Soda While Waiting For Call Time

Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen Jr. of U2 Having a Soda While Waiting For Call Time

Run Radio Big Boss Marga and DJ On Board Jewel

Run Radio Big Boss Marga and DJ On Board Jewel

Me, Jaymie, and Ian of Botak

Me, Jaymie, and Ian of Botak

Me and Josaw

Me and Josaw

Another Great Episode Everyone!

Another Great Episode Everyone!

Thanks to Joaquin for the photos!

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