Prometheus is the Greek titan who stole fire from the Gods and gave it to   Man’s life was never the same. Fire is life and fire is also death. There is the good and the bad. Fire is the passion I feel in my life for my family, my work, and my running.

I am just a regular guy holding down down a regular job with a wife and 3 kids. Like most people, I wanted to get fit, to lose weight, and to de-stress. I considered the gym but I wanted something with a competetive outlet so I went back to my first love: running. As a child in the post Ninoy Aquino assasination days, my parents would take me jogging with this protest group with an acronym name of ROAR which stood for Run on for Aquino or something like that.  In high school, I used to run track for a perennial championship contender with a former member of the national team as coach. I ran a lot in UP, Ateneo, and Quezon Memorial Circle. As I grew older other priorities and sports took over and I nearly forgot all about it until 2 years ago when the fire was rekindled in me and that is how all this began… 

My initial posts dealt with my training last year for the Milo Marathon Eliminations held on August 3, 2008. This culminated in my first ever full marathon

Since then, I have joined several races resulting in Personal Bests in the following distances:

1. 10 Km : 45:41

2. 21 Km : 1:42:58

3. 25 Km : 2:15:40

4. 42Km : 3:37:54

and even a first place finish!

So join me as I continue to train, make new friends, and generally have a good time running and writing about my adventures!



  1. […] Health mag, Nike Drifit Socks and Rush water for free. It was refreshing to finally meet Prometheus who were handing out the socks for the finishers. It was so kind of him to volunteer his time to […]

  2. hi jay,

    reading your blog inspires me a lot in this sport that we both love. i also am an advocate of hrm training and smartcoachRW, so i somehow follow your style and techniques.

    i have a question: does your hr really drop in the middle of a run? i noticed my hr suddenly dropped surpisingly on an uphill last sunday in earth run. while i’m not sure if its me or just my hrm starting to conk out, i pushed while i’m at it, just like what you did.

  3. Jet,

    Thanks for the kind words.

    Sometimes my HR drops or goes up during a run. If it’s by a few beats, I attribute it to a change in external environment (weather, elevation, etc.). However, if it drops by a half or goes up twice the normal, then the HR is probably not functioning properly. I heard that the static electrcity from your shirt can sometimes be the culprit.

    Hope that helps.

  4. hi jay, could i get your cell no and email add for reference. You can email me at dquepeph@yahoo.com. Thanks! – Dennis

  5. Hi!

    Would like to send you an invite for our marathon event. Can I please get your email address?

    You can contact me through joelcanalita@fuentesmanila.com



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