Posted by: prometheuscometh | February 11, 2010

Plenty of Fish in the Sea

After the Condura Run for the Dolphins (more on that later), now comes Century Tuna Superbods Run on Saturday, February 21, 2010. What will he have next? Sardines? Mackerel (which incidentally are the favorite food of dolphins)?


I heard that registration for the Century Tuna Superbods Run has gone over 10,000 participants already. When I tried to register 2 of my co-workers in the 3k run yesterday, I was told they were already closed. It must be the running boom and Derrick Ramsey effect. Kaye Lopez of Runrio sent me a message for all those who would still like to join the run :

Due to the sheer volume of registrants for the Century Run, we are momentarily putting registration on hold,  but you may go to Nike Park BHS or Second Wind to leave your name, distance category, and contact number and they will do their best to re-open registration on Monday, February 15.

No promises, but those who are able to leave their numbers by Friday will be prioritized if we are able to produce additional race kits. However, these late registrants will no longer get a singlet.

Hopefully, my co-workers and all those who were shut out can get in.  Otherwise, they may be forced to look at other fish in the sea…I mean races.

edited : There are still some 21K kits at Nike BHS and 5K kits at Second Wind. Grab them while you can!


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