Posted by: prometheuscometh | October 27, 2009


It was as if nothing had happened from the time The Philsports Arena was utilized by the Pasig City government as an evacuation center for the flood victims of Typhoon Ondoy until this morning when I dropped in to see if I could do an interval session. While I had heard that the evacuees had gone back to their respective homes to rebuild their lives, I wasn’t sure if the ULTRA oval was open already. Since the children were on semestral break and I could train longer than usual, I decided to include a visit to the place as part of my route.  As I wound through the compound’s small streets, there were no visible signs that the place had been used as an evacuation center as recently as a few days ago. It was almost 6 a.m. but there were only 1 or 2 cars in the parking area. I couldn’t get a glimpse of runners passing the bend nor hear their approaching footsteps and it was eerily silent. My sense anticipation of grew as I came closer to the stage that served as the entrance and when I finally saw the open track lanes, I knew I was home again too.



  1. Good to know that everyone’s back home. =)

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