Posted by: prometheuscometh | October 23, 2009

Racing ABC’s

During one of Run Radio’s episodes, I asked our guest Sen. Pia Cayetano what she thought about runners who make her a race target in the hopes of “beating” her and she answered that unless it’s an A race she does not go all-out which makes their “victory” hollow. I couldn’t help but agree with her as I had categorized races myself.

What is my A race? My A races are races that I prepare for in advance so that when I get to the starting line I am at the peak of my physical abilities. It usually requires months of training and careful planning and during the race itself, I exert no less than a 100% effort to achieve a victory or a personal best. These are normally races which are announced months ahead to give me time to train. Examples of these would be the Adidas King of the Road, the Milo Marathon, the Bataan 102 Km Death March, and even the Condura Run.

Are there B and C races?

My B races are tune up races which help me gauge my fitness level as a runner. They are usually distances which are shorter than the A race. I join these races as a break from the monotony of the training cycle and to find out if my training has helped me improve in different aspects of my running.

My C races are races that I join for training and socialization. I use these races to experiment running at different speeds, to study the race terrain, to try new apparel, shoes, hydration and fueling techniques. I also take them as an opportunity to get together with friends, new and old, before, during, and after the race.

With the running boom in full swing, there are so many races to choose from and whether they are A, B, or C races the important thing is to enjoy the run!



  1. Tiffin got Pia in one of the races. It was clearly a C race but it was still a thrill to finish ahead of Pia.

    Regards Mark

    I think Tiffin’s next target is you Mark! Take care guys!

  2. Sen. Pia Cayetano is too competitive. She should be magnanimous and even congratultate those people who “beat” her. She should be flattered that people consider her as a barometer of their fitness level but she is coming out like a diva.

    I think the moment we use other people as a barometer we become competitive and that is perfectly fine because it gives us a goal to aspire to. It’s easier to target another runner than to set a target time.

  3. Every race is an A race 🙂 Lalo na pagkasama ka bro, hahahaha!!!

    Levy I feel like an F at the moment. Hahahahaha!

  4. nice post jay! see you tonight! 😉

    Thanks Vimz!

  5. Wow, those are nice letters. Unfortunately, I also have D and E races 😦

    No problem Natz the more the merrier! There are people who only have one letter for their races – A for All Out All the Time!

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