Posted by: prometheuscometh | August 24, 2009

Always Smile At the Finish!

At the stoplight on the corner of 5th and 26th Avenues, I watched in my car as a sea of runners turned into right into the street heading towards Lawton. “Damn, I’m late! Those must be the 5Km runners,” I thought to myself. I panicked, got out of the car, and told the driver to just look for me at the event site after. I hurriedly walked, jogged, then ran towards the race staging area behind the NBC tent. I needed to cross over the mat at the starting line  to activate my timing chip before I could run the course. Otherwise, it’s like I didn’t join my first night race and Dennis‘ last run run as a bachelor at all!

A month earlier, Kenny Rogers sponsored a dinner to introduce the Open Urbanite Run. That same night, my building was on fire and I missed out on that briefing even though it was only a stone’s throw away from the house. Thus, I had no idea what made this race special or what people were getting excited about and I was quite ambivalent about it. However, I was sure my friends  would be joining and that they would ask me to come along as well. True enough, I received an e-mail from Dennis inviting me to run with him the night before his wedding to Per. I originally signed up for the 15Km race thinking I would just pace beside him while discussing the pros and cons of marriage during our 1 hour and 30 minutes together, but a few days after I had already been registered, my mother reminded me of a formal dinner party I needed to attend with her which I had said yes to almost a year before already.

The party would be at the Rockwell tent and would start at 7 p.m while the 15 km race would be at the Fort and would start at 8 p.m. which meant I wouldn’t be able to run the 15 Km race unless I could be in 2 places at the same time. After a quick check of the starting times for the other 2 distances, I conc;uded that I could fulfill my obligation to my mom at 7 p.m., leave at 8:30 p.m., and  run the 5 Km race at 9 p.m.  I would just have to get someone to drive me over while I got dressed in the car which is exactly what happened. Except for a few glitches, I had a few minutes to spare when I saw the mob of runners as we waited at the stoplight.

I arrived at the starting line to find that the 5 Km runners had not been released yet and that the ones I saw earlier were the 10 Km runners who had been let out a little later than scheduled. I hadn’t run a 5 Km race in almost 3 years and I couldn’t imagine running all out now specially since I hdn’t been training as regularly as I wanted to. I tried to look for Jaymie and Jun C who were both running the 5 Km race as well but at a relaxed pace but I was stuck at the front of the pack and I ended up bumping into Vener. I was hoping he was doing an easy run tonight but when he said that he would be running something between easy and all-out, I knew he would be closer to all-out than easy. When the starting gun went off, I was still undecided about my pace and I was hoping to see a familiar face on an easy pace. Instead, I got Mark Parco who is as fast as a runner as I could get. He mentioned something about his pace but I knew I was already caught in his slipstream.

I did my best to keep up with him but as the pictures taken at the finish line would attest, I was huffing and puffing my way. Although if I had known that there were cameras there I would have done my best to put up a smile!




I clocked in at 23 minutes and 2 seconds chip time. At the finish line, I went about to look for my friends and to hang out. Unlike the morning races where the rising sun makes me want to leave already, I really enjoyed hanging out and savoring the party atmosphere. It’s too bad I wasn’t able to enjoy a few beers with Dennis, Janine, and Benny although I did have a shot of vodka before leaving. Despite the panicky start and so-so finish, this is one race where I really enojyed myself.



  1. Fierce! Game face bwahahhaha

    Too bad I didn’t have game that night hahahaha

  2. Mine looked more dead beat, although I’ve never seen you so serious like this. You took the aegis out for a beating, huh. Fantastic run, good to see you there.

    I was SERIOUSLY afraid of not stopping and walking. Thanks for letting me tag along even if only for a few meters!

  3. You look focused and determined like an Olympian!!! That looks better than a smiling face!

    I wish I could run as fast as an Olympian (or at least as fast as you)!

    • Prom – We should all wish we were as fast and as strong as Bozzone. 1:16 half marathon after a 1.9K swim and a 90K bike! 🙂

  4. tama si Marga .. fierce! 😀


  5. Can we please not talk about Urbanite Run official race photos (Are you reading between the lines? Mine was super, duper Ugh!). Anyway, I think you looked very intimidating naman. hehe. Sayang we missed you at the after run party!

    I was happy about the whole race except for missing out on the party! I thought your photos post race were cool. Well next time…

  6. Hah hah . . . first time I’ve seen you not looking like a smiling politician at the finish line. You don’t look like Jay at all! Parang Olympian Gold Medalist hehe…

    Great time! Did you make it in the top 10?

    No I did not make the top 10 but it was nice to come in with no one in front and behind me. I think I was 13th or something.

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