Posted by: prometheuscometh | July 30, 2009

Looking For My Next Marathon

By next week, I will be back to training, but before I do so I need to know which race I will be training for. It’s an accepted fact that since I qualified for the Milo Marathon Finals (Milo) on October 11 that I will be running that race but there are actually 2 other options present during that month, the Quezon City International Marathon (QCIM)  on October 18 and the Smart SCTEX International Marathon (SIM) on October 24. Of course, there are a slew of international marathons slated for the last quarter of the year but for one reason or another I can’t fly out to run just yet so I will have to contend with these 3.


Milo of course has the distinction of being the longest running marathon in the country. Add to that, the required qualifying time of below 4 hours to run in the finals, the Nestle sponsored event presents a strong argument in the prestige race.  However, the other 2 races boast of strong local and corporate backing as well as international flavor with the AIMS accrediation and the participation of some Kenyan runners, but I am not looking to be roundly beaten by an African runner and unless I finish below 3 hours the only time I may get to see them is when they are on the way back so can I really say I ran with the Kenyans?

Advantage : Milo Marathon Finals


Milo is only 10 weeks away from next week and given  my current inactive state, I am not sure that will be enough time for Coach Rio to work his miracles. The SIM being the last of the 3 gives me 2 more weeks to train. Now whether that will have an impact on my performance remains to be seen.

Advantage : Smart SCTEX International Marathon

Race Course

Milo is a course I know by heart. If I want to compare my performance or achieve a new PR, the Milo course is the logical choice. However, the QCIM and the SIM present new race routes and as a runner, I would love to try both of them if only to experience something new. The QCIM course can be anayzed and broken down with a few long runs along its proposed route . The SIM can not, but how complicated could running the SCTEX be? However, I am running a race and not an LSD and knowing the battlefield is half the battle.

Advantage : Milo Marathon Finals


Milo has the venerable RACE of Rudy Biscocho who has been organizing the Milo event since time immemorial. QCIM has Finishline who will be organizing their first marathon. SIM has …the PNP and E-ventologists Co. who I have never heard of. There is no doubt how the Milo race will be held. With the early lead time, Finishline will hopefully be able to come up with a well run race.  Unfortunately, I am not aware of the capabilities of the PNP and E-Ventologists Co. to stage this event.

Advantage : Milo Marathon Finals

Other Factors

Many runners are looking at the QCIM as their next marathon and some very good friends maybe running the SIM. If I run Milo, I will have the opportunity of either volunteering for QCIM or acting as support for people who have given me the inspiration to run in QCIM or SIM. If I run in either QCIM or SIM I lose the opportunity to do so for one.

Advantage : Milo Marathon Finals

Overall, it seems like the Milo Marathon Finals should be my race for October. As Vener would say, I earned the right to run there. However, I am worried if I will have enough time to train for a new PR. At the start of the year, my goal was to run a 3:40 marathon and last July 3, I was able to do much better than that. Now, I don’t know if I should pressure myself to surpass that so soon or if I should just train hard and surprise myself. Boston after all can wait another year 9 of traing and saving!). I guess I will just work my ass off starting next week and hopefully, in a few weeks time I should be able to judge how ready I am for any marathon at all!






  1. ay milo talaga dapat. Runner #69, you earned your spot! Time to start singing again … I’m getting ready, getting ready!

    Oh boy what a day it’s going to be!!!

  2. I think you should run the Milo finals. You earned it, and the journey is not complete until you run the final race with the best marathoners in the country.

    Was your time at the qualifier a Boston qualifying time?

    Thanks Bong I will certainly take your advise seriously. No, my time at the eliminations was shade below 3:38. My next goal is to bring it down by another 20-30 minutes so that I can get a qualifying time of 3:15 for my age group.

  3. good luck jay! 😉

    Classmate, with family, work, blogging, DJ-ing, and training I will need it!

  4. Dear Jay – If I have a vote it will be for Milo Marathon. You work hard to qualify and you have psyche yourself on this goal for a while. “Wag manangka sa dalawang ilog” joke only.

    Milo looks like where the votes are being cast. I guess I am just worried that I will not be ready by then. See you next week at the ULTRA oval every morning now!

  5. Simple lang yan pare ko……

    Run all 3 🙂

    Kaya mo yan!!!

    Levs, I will but I only plan to race just 1!!!!

  6. Siyempre ako, love your own …

    Go for QC!!! It’ll be fun!!! Go go go! 🙂 hehe!

  7. I have a similar dilemma although I have decided long ago that I would run Milo. I’m just now thinking if I want to run the half marathon in any of the other races…

    Good luck!

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