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Comeback Kid : My Greenfield City Run Recap

I didn’t know how late I had arrived to the Greenfield City Run until I finished it.

When I arrived at Paseo de Sta. Rosa, the emcee was already announcing that the start of the 10 km race would be in 30 minutes. I had no idea what time the 10 km race was supposed to start so I couldn’t calculate how much time had elapsed since the start of the 21 km race. I bumped into Coach Rio who was surprised to see me and he told me to start already. However, I needed to claim my race number first so that I could be identified by the water station marshalls and be given drinks along the route. When I crossed the starting line, it was still dark and there was no one ahead of me. Not. One. Runner.

What happened? The night before, I was at the Shangri-la Plaza mall for a pasta dinner at CPK and some ice cream at FIC. Due to the summer heat, I had been craving for ice cream the whole week but my wife had forgotten to buy some from the grocery and I had been to busy with work to step out and get some. As soon as we were done eating, I headed straight for the FIC kiosk and ordered a scoop of Raspberryon a sugar cone. A few minutes after I had eaten it, my stomach started acting up and I needed to use one of the pay lounges to deal with this emergency. Even after we got home, I still felt some discomfort and when I went to sleep, it was quite  fitful.

The alarm woke me up at 3 a.m. but I got up 20 minutes later. My original plan was to get dressed, head out of the door, and eat breakfast along the way, but now I wanted to make sure that my stomach would not reject my breakfast so I eneded up eating breakfast at home and leaving a few minutes after 4 a.m..

Sta. Rosa is not the Fort; nor is it UP. As I drove down SLEX, I realized that Sta. Rosa is much further than I expected. Because there was an ongoing road widening project and there were several unlit areas, I had to slow down which contributed to my pre-race stress as I watched the digital clock count down to 5 a.m., the start of my race.

So that’s how I ended up running an LSD alone in the middle of nowhere with only the sound of the birds keeping me company. When I passed the water station at the first kilometer mark, I spotted Kim O’Connell and Coach Jo-Ar. I greeted them a good morning and moved on guided by the Balinese torches. By this time, dawn was breaking and I was beginning to calm down from my earlier frazzled state. I saw a few runners coming back from the first turnaround point on Greenfield Parkway. When I entered Pramana, I was greeted by meditative music which together with the sight of Mt. Makiling allowed me to focus on my run instead of the unfortunate series of events earlier.

When I made the turnaround, I caught up with the tail end of the 21 km runners. I was maintaining a 5:00 / km – 5:30 / km pace throughout. In preparation for my Milo marathon, I wanted to keep a steady pace with my heart rate at the 140’s. Along the way, I was hydrating with water and sports drink at each water station as the sun started to climb higher. The young trees on either side of the  Greenfield North Parkway would not provide any shade on the way back which meant that I needed to keep cool. When I made the turnaround at 13.5 km just before the Mamplasan exit, the heat was taking it’s toll on many runners as I began to pass more of them. As I crossed the Tagaytay Balibago Road on the way back, I felt strong and my breathing was steady. At the finish line, I squinted and saw 2:09 on the timer and a glance at my watch showed 1:52 and I realized I was late by 17 minutes for the start of the race.

After entering the chute and collecting my medal, I started running back to where I came from. I needed to do 30 km today and I would complete the last 9 km under the blazing sun if I had to do as punishment for arriving late. I went down Greenfield Parkway North and I was alone again. I ran another 4.5 km before turning back to Paseo de Sta. Rosa. By the time I got back, I had been running for 2:44 plus 17 minutes so everyone was already enjoying breakfast and the post race festivities. I had run out of freebies and photo ops with friends but I was quite ecstatic with this run which turned out to be one of the best that I had had for the following reasons:

  • Pace of 5:28 / km and heart rate of 145 bpm
  • No energy gels along the way
  • No hydration belt

Compared to my 27 km LSD in UP last week where I ran 5:46 / km, I ran stronger which might indicate my returning level of fitness before Condura. In my effort to reduce dependency on energy gels and fluids, I needed to take as little of the gels as possible and to rely on the race course provided drinks. It would increase the impact on my strength and energy when I take them during actual the race.

It was also one of the best races I had ever attended. The course was quite flat and good for those looking to set new PR’s. There were more than enough water stations along the way serving both water and sports drink. The marshalls were enthusiastic and provided good direction and safety for the runners. The view of Mt. Makiling was spectacular. Greenfield provided everything a runner could want like bussing and the torches along the way. There was music along the route which injected extra energy into my run. Finally, the post race festivities like the raffle and the outlet shopping were fun and truly enjoyable. Congratulations to Finishline and I hope Greenfield Development Corp. stages more of these activties in the future.

Picture Please! Bumped Into Jaymie, Mariel, Jun, and Dino

Picture Please! Bumped Into Jaymie, Mariel, Jun, and Dindo

At the Plaza : Where is Everybody?

At the Plaza : Where is Everybody?

Me! Me! Everybody Wants to Win at the Raffle.

Me! Me! Everybody Wants to Win at the Raffle.



  1. may new name na si runningdatcom?

    parang ang saya ng Greenfields. mt makiling with zen music, nice! i second the motion on more races at greenfields.

  2. What is Greenfield city? I’ve never heard of that place but that doesn’t mean much since I have not been to the Philippines in 19 years.

  3. mabuti at walang creature na lumabas mula sa talahiban lalo noong madilim pa.anyway,mukhang enjoy ka naman sa blows(of the wind) you got along the way.

  4. You didn’t overtake me until km 18 or 19. That should tell you how late you were. Congratulations on a great run!

  5. i was surprised to see you when you were on your way to the 13.5km turn-around. i thought you were already infront of jonel as we were on our way to the finish line. anyway, you really ran hard and was able to be with the middle group. nice run. see you on the next road race.

  6. You deserve another round of ice cream after the race, and see it from there what really happened. But I guess the milo post race energy drink is more of a catch. See you again.

  7. Sabi sayo dapat nag-hitch ka na lang saken eh. Tuloy lang training jay

  8. Grabe ang lakas mo talaga! Late ka pa nyan at nakahabol ka pa sa marami. Congratulations! God bless on your preparation for Milo elims.

  9. idol! great run jay!

  10. Bilib talaga ako sa iyo. Akalain mo, late ka na tapos natapos mo pa ng 2:09. Eh di ko pa nga PR yun ha. hahaha!!! Congrats Jay!

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