Posted by: prometheuscometh | June 22, 2008

The Crazy Things

Typhoon Frank hit Philippine shores Saturday night and was right outside Manila at 5:00 a.m. in the morning right about the time I was getting ready to go on my long run in UP. Since I had missed a long run the previous Sunday, I was very excited to go out and run this morning. I knew a typhoon was coming but there have been times when the typhoon either changed course or was not as bad as it had been made out to be. When I checked the weather outside, I knew it would be bad. I can run if it is only rain but the wind was very strong, I will not run as I can be hit my flying objects, falling trees, or worse, electrocuted by broken electric lines. As I went back to bed, I thought about my options : run on the treadmill or run in the afternoon assuming the weather improves. There was no way I was going to run 25plus km on the treadmill so I just prayed the weather would improve later in the day. Just as I was thinking that – BOOM! – electricity went out. The emergency generator went on but that would only be good for the fridge and one light. I opened the windows a bit to let the cool air in and went back to sleep. An hour later, the electricity was back on, but the whole day the rains just kept falling.

 The Storm From My Window


By lunchtime, the typhoon was in Tarlac already but there was still no let up in the rain. At 2:30 p.m. with the sun nowhere in sight, I decided to go to UP anyway. If I leave later, I will finish my run around 6 past and it might be too dark to run safely. I remembered Wayne’s comment that the Nike DriFits work better in cool weather so I wore the compression shorts again together with the Nike Pro shirt I had bought recently. To prevent rain from getting into my eyes, I wore my Adidas Climacool cap. I brought along my fuel belt, 1 jug for water, another jug for my Propel. I also wanted to test some GU gel my aunt had brought me from the US. Not knowing what they taste like I brought several flavors with me. I was good to go!

When I got there I was greeted with this sight.

UP After Frank

There was no one else except me!

UP After Frank 2

It was still raining when I got out of the car but I knew it was now or never. The weather was cool and would get cooler as my clothes got wet. The first loop was tough as I had to negotiate through fallen branches and puddles of running water while avoiding vehicles and their backwash. For the first 2 miles, my clothes slowly got wet. I could feel the water down my spine! My shoes and socks of course were soaked. They were like sponges squishing out water with every step. In fact I thought they got heavier as they absorbed all that water. By the third mile, I was beginning to question my sanity. I was suddenly scared of snakes hiding inside the leaves of the fallen branches or leeches marooned in the puddles of water. I remembered my bloodied toe and thought of leptospirosis!

By the second loop, I had settled down and on my 6th mile I was cruising on auto pilot, enjoying my run. I had eaten 2 gels by then. It tastes like the creamy stuff inside donuts! I hated the orange and tri-berry flavor. The vanilla and espresso were okay. By the 10th mile I had my first sighting of another runner. By the 12th, a biker appeared. By the 15th, I was so pumped up with my run that I sprinted the last mile and still felt good to run on, but it’s a nice rainy Sunday and a warm dinner with the family waited at home. 

I Did It!

Total Distance : 16.0 miles   Total Time : 2:39:59   Ave. Pace : 9:59   Ave. HR : 140



  1. Non-runners would think of us as crazy to attempt what you did on Sunday. Personally, to take a page out of passion runner’s blog, it definitely is runner’s discipline!

    There are days when the weather is not going to be ideal but glad you pulled it off. Thanks for sharing the experience and photos.

    I’ve seen some photos and tape of what Typhoon Frank did and hopefully, things will get better. The first time I travelled to Asia in September 2001, I stayed in Taipei and Typhoon Lekima hit big time. I was crazy enough to go out on about a 5K run from what I put down on my running log. The wind was powerful and branches from trees were all over the road.

  2. Hey, thanks for the suggestion on the Nikes! They were actulally quite comfortable. After the initial shock of getting wet, it was not too cold surprisingly.

    As for the crazy things, I also have to thank my wife who supports me in these endeavors!

  3. Running addict! Hehe

    I heard the gels can give you an upset stomach if you don’t mix it with water, is it true? I don’t have any experience using those.

  4. Running addict! Hehe

    How were the gels, I’ve never tried them myself. Is it true you must take these with water or you could get an upset stomach?

  5. Wow, your really serious about running. You know what, I also had plans to do my long run at UP last sunday. I was awake around 4:30am and I was ready to go. But the wind was so strong, I decided to postpone my long run.

    I don’t have that much guts to hit the road during a typhoon. Good thing though you enjoyed your run.

  6. DATC – I took them with swigs of Propel. I did not experience any upset stomach but I still prefer bananas or multigrain bread. These gels are just very convenient to carry around.

    Taki – At 3:00p.m. there was not much strong wind anymore just rain, but there were so many branches I was afraid of getting a sprained ankle. It made me wonder if running at the Fort would have been better since there would be less trees and certainly less puddles. Just like you the strong winds at 4:30 a.m. stopped my long run but I really needed to do this since I had missed last Sunday and with the Milo elims just a month and a half away I need those long runs! Thanks for visiting!

  7. Wow! No Storm can or will not stop your run!

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